Stol za stolni tenis EUROPA 25 + (ITTF)

  • 689,00 EUR

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Stol za stolni tenis EUROPA 25 + (ITTF) / Table EUROPA 25 + (ITTF)

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Description: With the 25mm Anti Skid top, the Butterfly Europe is the prefect table for major tournaments and for specialist clubs where the tables stay in place. Used for most major Championships in the British Isles..

  • Top quality table for indoor use in sports centres and for match play at club, league and tournament level.
  • With ‘Anti-Skid’ it’s the perfect table for major tournaments and for specialist clubs where the table stays in the play position.
  • Ideal match table where single half movement or multi rollaway table storage is required.
  • Minimal storage space required.
  • Selected for many major events, including the Commonwealth Games 2014, Glasgow
  • Protected by strong steel frame with magenta corner pieces.
  • Supported by a robust steel legs
  • Two 8” wheels on each half for easy movement.
  • Two separate halves
  • Unique spring loaded safety mechanism
  • ITTF – approved
  • Conforms to and certificate issued for the new Central European Norm (CEN) safety regulations: EN 14468-1
  • Attractive green or blue playing top with matching light silver legs and undercarriage.
  • 5 years guarantee (table only)
  • Ready assembled 

Butterfly Anti Skid

The special surface increases the consistency and reliability of the bounce to accommodate against both topspin and chop. It reduces the skid and gives you more confidence to play your shots.


  • In use : 275 x 153 x 77cm
  • Storage : 139 x 153 x 15cm

Unpacked weight : 99kg