Drvo za reket HARIMOTO TOMOKAZU Innerforce ALC

  • 179,90 EUR

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Drvo za reket za stolni tenis HARIMOTO INNEFORCE ALC

Službeno drvo Tomokazu Harimoto

Reaction Property 10.7
Vibration Property 9.2
Blade Composition 5-layer + 2 ALC
The new HARIMOTO TOMOKAZU was developed in close cooperation with the Japanese superstar, who is already using it with great success. The composition of 5 plies of natural wood combined with 2 ALC fibers directly above the core veneer (Innerforce Technology) alongside a slightly larger blade's head (158x152mm) allow for a softer touch and increased ball dwell time during topspin play. The HARIMOTO TOMOKAZU ALC features increased ease-of-play while maintaining the popular stability, precision and punch of an Arylate-Carbon blade. Composition: 5-ply + 2 ALC (Innerforce Technology)