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Dječja jakna HIGO

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Kolekcija Higo razvijenaje u bliskoj suradnji s Timom Bollom, Dimitrijem Ovtcharovim i Patickom Franziskom kako bi pružila vrhunski dizajn posebno prilagođen stolnom tenisu. Uži kroj, kraći rukav, udoban, tanak i elastičan materijal.


The Higo collection has been developed in close collaboration with Timo Boll, Dimitrij Ovtcharov and Patrick Franziska to deliver a top design specially adapted for table tennis. We asked the players for elementary attributes, and implemented some in this collection. With a narrower cut, shorter sleeves, a comfortable, thin and elastic material, the Higo collection provides a feeling of playing freely. This is highlighted by the “PRO” marking used on these articles. The color selection, design and material used for each item also reflects a preference of the Butterfly players.